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To make it simple

To make it simple (or how Kristina Lindberg became Kriz Rogers)
She was named Kristina after her father’s grandmother.She changed her spelling to Kriztina when she was 13 years old. Why? a) Just because she thought it was cool. b) She liked (still does) the letter ’z’. c) There was already a country singer by the name of Christina Lindberg (still is) and Kriz wanted to make it a little easier for people to distinguish between the two. d) Her favorite tv show was Zorro. e) She didn’t do any other teenage revolution.She married Chase Rogers in 2009, and since he and all her americanfriends call her Kriz for short and Kriz Rogers has a good rhythm to it, she decided that her stage name would be Kriz Rogers.

Why Kriz Rogers is the person she is is a totally different story, and you just might find out something about her by continuing to follow this blog! ; )

Translation into Swedish below:
För att förenkla det hela (eller hur det kom sig att Kristina Lindberg blev Kriz Rogers)

Hon fick namne…