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A New Year's Wish ...

I wrote it in my song Gloryville: "Each one's neighbor is each one's friend". So did ABBA in the chorus of their song "Happy New Year": "May we all have a vision now and then, of a world where every neighbour is a friend". That is my wish for 2016.

Happy New Year to Everyone on the one Earth  ... deep down, may we all know that we all share the common desire of loving one another.


Since moving to the US I have not found any Advent Candle Holders like the ones they have over in Sweden, but I have found a picture on the internet of an Advent Candle Holder that looks very similar to the one my parents used to have. The way to use it is to light one of the four candles every Sunday four Sundays before Christmas until all have been lit. It's like a countdown of sorts ... awaiting the birth of Christ.

Top 10 in Sweden!

I am currently # 8 on the Swedish Radio Top 10!

Fans and listeners vote for their favorites, so I am grateful for everyone's support!

Here's the link: