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The Creation Of Eddy's Song

Where does a song start? In your heart? In the air? in the atmosphere?  I believe it is as unexplainable as trying to hypothesize on what God is all about (although I know that God is Love).  All I know is that it starts with a feeling and a thought.  Before that: all the places, encounters and experiences that lead to those.

Some of the elements of inspiration to"Eddy's Song" were that I was at a time and place where I had a guitar player that just had introduced me to the magic world of Billy Joe Shaver’s work.  The guitar player had also recently welcomed a son into this world whom was given the name Eddie.  My drummer had just had a daughter.  The thoughts of those new lives and the myriad of possibilities of obstacles and positive events the children would see on their way of becoming grown are what triggered my wish for them to have not just one, but many strong and loving hands to help lead and guide them through the can be at times enervating journey. 
Recently …