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James Arness, airplanes, "Manuel Goodbye" and my late Aunt

James Arness, airplanes, “Manuel Goodbye” and my late Aunt
Now what in the world is the connection in the headline above, you may ask? Well, it’s quite simple: my late aunt loved all three. When I was I child they ran a TV-series which they in Swedish called “Familjen Macahan” (The Macahan family). The original American title was “How the West was won”. It seemed like everyone in Sweden was watching it at the time. The series follows a family and the obstacles they encounter during and after the Civil war as they move to the west. My aunt had a framed poster of James Arness as his character Zeb Macahan hanging on the wall in her hallway. I thought that was cool. As for myself, I don’t quite recall which of the characters I liked best: Luke (played by Bruce Boxleitner) or Josh (William Kirby Cullen). Luke is the brother that can handle his gun real well and always manage no matter what situations he runs into. My heart sympathized with Josh though, that has to stay to help at the farm …