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Easter in the West

Easter in The West
You may wonder why I, in the year of 2011, am writing about an Easter two years ago. Well, it was not like any other. Usually I would have worked at the ski resort in Hassela and then gone to my parents to enjoy a smorgasbord, but … it so happened that I had my mind set to go west. Love was calling, a love by the name of Chase Rogers. From an outsider’s point of view it must have looked like this little Kriz had gone -if not insane - well, at least half-crazy.
Chase Rogers came across Kriz’s myspace site ( in October 2008. According to Kriz, Chase started sending flirtatious messages and comments from his myspace ( to hers, and obviously it worked, because after a time they exchanged email addresses and later on phone numbers. Soon enough, the phone bill got up to the same amount as an air flight ticket, so Kriz decided to go over to check “that cowboy” out at the end of 2008. The …