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For the sake of what

Between passion and love, struggle and commitment ... what is the purpose and who am I singing for? Myself, well, yes and no. I love music, beyond any reason and explanation, but like it has been said a million times before, what is a note delivered from the throat of a passionate soul without an appreciative ear of an understanding mind. No question mark. The answer on what is driving me is most likely a combination of things. I come from a line, a heritage, where my ancestors were musically talented. Some of them successfullly so, though not on a worldwide scale. My parents have given me my interest in music, always taken me to places where inspiration could grow. Always encouraged me when they saw I needed it. I did not always appreciate it, like when I felt I was forced to learn how to play accordion when I was ten years old. But from my simple begginings on a xylophone toy on which my dad taught me how to play Twinkle Little Star, to my first own written songs, they always showed…