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Halloween v. All Saints' Day/All Souls' Day

Halloween v. All Souls’ Day/All Saints’ Day

Yesterday was Halloween in the States. It’s always on October 31. I didn’t buy any candy, because parents here do not let their children walk around at night knocking on doors because it’s not considered safe. Families go to special Halloween events at their church or go to a mall. Last year Chase and I went to a shopping mall and it was fun watching all the children in their creative costumes visiting the different stores asking the inevitable question “Trick or Treat?” Over in Sweden, we didn’t use to have any Halloween celebrations at all until the early 1990’s. And then, it got confused with All Saint’s Day that in Sweden is on the first Saturday in November regardless of what date it is. Sunday is All Souls’ Day when there in church is a special service where the pastor lights a candle and reads from the Bible over and for every person in the congregation that passed away during the year. So you see the All Saint’s Day Weekend in Sweden …