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One and a half week before anyone else ...

Living in Nashville has its perks. Like for instance taking the opportunity to go and listen to a live interview at the CMHOF and Museum where Marty Stuart told Scott Goldman about how he was led to start playing the mandolin listening to blues. He also told the story of how he ended up co-writing a song with Johnny Cash only four days before the music icon passed away. They were neighbors and Mr. Stuart went over to J.R as he called him - from time to time to keep him company and that particular day he approached J.R with an idea he had and they finished the song in five minutes.

A Musical Collectible

I had the honor of listening to this lady singing at The Texas Troubadour Theatre in Nashville.  recently. Couldn't help but buying her latest Cd. My favorites songs on it so far are "Baby's Not Home" and the title track "My Imagination".
To buy/listen to samples:

Green Canvas Prints

Is there any color more happy than green? I mean, it signals birth and growth through the colors of leaves and stems of flowering plants. It is my favorite happy color!

green canvas prints

Classic Sandwiches

One American:

One Swedish:

There is light at the end of the tunnel ... always.

A song I wrote:

A Classic Swedish Joke

One of my favorite jokes that I just translated into English:

Two friends were talking about a couple they knew. "They are a mismatch", said one. "In what way?", said the other. "Well, you know, she's a mathematician and he is impossible to figure out!".

Good thing about losing something ...

"The good thing about losing something is that when searching for it, you may find something else."
- Kriz Rogers

It's okay ...

... to be a Veggievore.

I just learned that new depiction while reading on a Swedish web site. It's a noun describing a person who mostly eats veggies and only sometimes meat. Funny thing is, the news traveled from the US to Sweden and ended up as news on a radio station. It's such a small world :-)