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Never considered myself as being pretty ...

Why? It goes back to the days when I was in grade 4-6. I was bullied. Every day. The class "mates" said I was ugly and pretended I had a disease so no one could go near me or touch anything that I owned or wore. If it was my jacket or my bag, they had to be hung waaaaayyy away from where everybody else's clothes were. If I walked down the corridor, everyone hurriedly lined up against the walls so that they would not "catch the disease".

How can you get away from this?

After an incident where two teachers happened to walk in when my mates were throwing erasers on me, the teachers and the parents obviously had a meeting and decided to implement two things: The first was a competition where the best friend of the year was going to be announced. All of a sudden, there were class mates competing for my attention and for my votes. I got to know one of my mates real well and she got to know me.
The other was a class getaway where everyone in the class went to a beach…