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This is cute as can be!

I'm happy for my friends the Williamson Branch - they are a family music band playing bluegrass/country/inspirational. Their video on facebook now has over 90,000 plays and closing in to over 100,000 .... follow link of you're on fb to watch two little girls singing "You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man":

They are on youtube too ... I'm sure they'll reach multi-thousand plays there too in no time at all:

A link ....

Songwriting Inspiration

It is always easy to get inspired as a songwriter living in Nashville. One thing to do is to go to one of the Songwriting Sessions they have at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. This time it was with Byron Hill, and if you are a country music fan, I know you have heard many of the songs he has written. Google/search Byron Hill on the web and see what you'll find ...

If you haven't searched/googled yet, here are some of the hits he has written: "Fool Hearted Memory" for George Strait, "Born Country" for Alabama, "High-Tech Redneck" for George Jones .... and there are more ... 

Traveling from Chattanooga ...

... towards Nashville you have - among others - these views:

I do watch the TV series Nashville

I have not missed one episode. It's like it pulls me in into their lives ... the characters are chiseled out to perfection and I can't wait to see what happens next ....

One thing about last night's episode (season 3, episode 21): I half covered my face with my hands feeling sorry for Layla. She signed that contract without even reading it first ...

That made me feel like:

To catch up, you can go to

Music Video Actress

I was invited to participate in this video ...

Views From the George Jones Museum's Rooftop in Nashville

To find it: Walk Broadway towards the river and turn left onto 2nd Ave. N. It's just up the street from Hard Rock Cafe and Wildhorse Saloon and it's on the right. Address: 128 2nd Ave. N.

My Dad's Birthplace

It's in Bergsjo, Halsingland, Sweden. He and his family lived here until he was seven years old. The farm house is long gone, but not the magnificent view!

My Favorite Swedish Soda

This is definitely on my check list of what to eat/drink each time I go to Sweden: Trocadero, a soft drink that has a flavor of apple and peach. Kinda.