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A New Year's Wish ...

I wrote it in my song Gloryville: "Each one's neighbor is each one's friend". So did ABBA in the chorus of their song "Happy New Year": "May we all have a vision now and then, of a world where every neighbour is a friend". That is my wish for 2016.

Happy New Year to Everyone on the one Earth  ... deep down, may we all know that we all share the common desire of loving one another.


Since moving to the US I have not found any Advent Candle Holders like the ones they have over in Sweden, but I have found a picture on the internet of an Advent Candle Holder that looks very similar to the one my parents used to have. The way to use it is to light one of the four candles every Sunday four Sundays before Christmas until all have been lit. It's like a countdown of sorts ... awaiting the birth of Christ.

Top 10 in Sweden!

I am currently # 8 on the Swedish Radio Top 10!

Fans and listeners vote for their favorites, so I am grateful for everyone's support!

Here's the link:

A Thank You Song

Heartaches By The Number

I'm glad I've never counted ...

This is my favorite song to sing and I have had it on my repertoire as long as I have been singing. I have heard many versions but this one is by far the best. It's live and the musicians are creating THE perfect shuffle. It does not hurt one bit that Charley Pride is singing either :-)

Thinking About A Lake

Well, it's not only a lake, it holds memories. Memories from generations of sawmill workers, fishermen and leisure boating. The lake I spent all my childhood summers by: Storsjön in Bergsjö, Sweden. It was there that I wanted to do the same thing as my cousin did one time when we were approaching the dock coming back from a boating trip with the family. She pretended that she had dropped a little reed boat she had made and then she reached down and quickly picked it up from the water. I tried to do the same and ... fell into the water head first. I was only four years old at the most and had not yet learned how to swim - but was wearing a floatation device. The strong arms of an adult pulled me up from the water faster than you could say Jack Robinson, but I was embarrassed. It didn't help much when the next door neighbor saw me and jokingly said "Kriztina, I didn't know that you went swimming with your clothes on". That same dock by that lake also saw me sittin…

You Know You're In Nashville When ....

.... the sidewalks have notes on them ...

Yeee Haw!

For Hee Haw :-)

I'm On Award Winning Record Label!

Congratulations JK and Colt Records!!!

A facebook post re-pictured on Instagram:

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Colt Records roster and website:

A Re-write Blessed With Sunshine

Today started out a little grey and rainy. It ended up with sunbeams blessing a project; a song.

As an NSAI member active in submitting songs for evaluation, I submit songs I've written and receive feedback and suggestions on improvement.  If you are a songwriter and have not yet started getting your songs evaluated and critiqued, I highly recommend it.  When you let true professionals look at your songs, they have your best interest at heart, the best interest for the song becoming the best it can be and the process of making you the best songwriter you can be at heart too.

Recently I have put effort in re-writing a song I submitted a while back. It is an inspirational song and at first it did not seem to be wanting to be re-written (yes, songs do have life and soul and can talk to you, just not with a regular voice). I dis not give up though, I kept at it and tried soooo many different angles for verse 2. Today I finished it easily with a new bridge too, and as soon as I did, t…

Some Swedish Music Culture Need-To-Know

To simplify it:


ABBA's first recording with the girls singing lead with the guys before they became ABBA. Here they called themselves "Festfolket".

ABBA's sound engineer Mikael B. Tretow

Mikael B. Tretow on wikipedia

The melancholy and melodious traditional Swedish music

This tune is called "Tune For Father". A little side note: see the building? Constructed with a log house building technique the immigrants implemented when they came to the US.

This tune is composed by my great grandfather. The late and very talented Klint-Olle is playing my great grandfather's tune.

Baking and Eating

The past week and a half I've started enjoying baking as much I when I first started baking. That actually says a lot. The only down side is ... someone's needs to eat it too and that responsibility falls on me. Not me alone of course, and that's a good thing too.

Things I've made lately:

What Every American Should Know

I am blessed and honored to say that I have lived here in the US long enough to understand what holds a huge importance here.  One thing I understood pretty much as soon as I had moved here, because it was very important to a former neighbor of mine to have me initiated in a particular ceremony. Almost the first thing he did for me was to take me to an Eagle's Club event. In the beginning of that event, one part of the opening ceremony was to do The Pledge of Allegiance, which I was very honored to do.  This is what it reads:

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all".

You can read more about The Pledge of Allegiance and about the Flag Code in this document issued by the Congressional Research Service's Report for Congress:

If you wish to read 4 U.S Code § 8. Respect for Flag.of t…


It's been years since I last made and/or had the Swedish comfort food Mac-in-Gravy and I just HAD TO fix it to fix my fix.

A Happy July 4th

This year Independence Day in Nashville was a little bit rainy, but still happy. We managed to dodge the rain showers at a picnic at my favorite spot and went home to listen to all the bursts of fireworks around us and the AT&T Live stream online from the largest fireworks show in the nation!

Happy Birthday to Glenn D. Tubb!

This weekend the great songwriter Glenn D. Tubb celebrates his 80th Birthday. He is a legendary songwriter, but also a very humble servant - and an ordained Minister - for our Heavenly Father.

What can you give someone who seemingly has everything? I have a suggestion: he is working with the Midnite Jamboree Association where he is a Director,  for their mission to "preserve the history of Country Music, while also preserving the airing and production of the Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree." (quote from their website).

Read about their efforts here  and then make a pledge; send your contributions to:  The Midnite Jamboree Association, P.O. Box 159326, Nashville, TN 37215

Nashville - the calm before The Festival :)

I'm sure it will be crowded here! :)

This is cute as can be!

I'm happy for my friends the Williamson Branch - they are a family music band playing bluegrass/country/inspirational. Their video on facebook now has over 90,000 plays and closing in to over 100,000 .... follow link of you're on fb to watch two little girls singing "You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man":

They are on youtube too ... I'm sure they'll reach multi-thousand plays there too in no time at all:

A link ....

Songwriting Inspiration

It is always easy to get inspired as a songwriter living in Nashville. One thing to do is to go to one of the Songwriting Sessions they have at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. This time it was with Byron Hill, and if you are a country music fan, I know you have heard many of the songs he has written. Google/search Byron Hill on the web and see what you'll find ...

If you haven't searched/googled yet, here are some of the hits he has written: "Fool Hearted Memory" for George Strait, "Born Country" for Alabama, "High-Tech Redneck" for George Jones .... and there are more ... 

Traveling from Chattanooga ...

... towards Nashville you have - among others - these views:

I do watch the TV series Nashville

I have not missed one episode. It's like it pulls me in into their lives ... the characters are chiseled out to perfection and I can't wait to see what happens next ....

One thing about last night's episode (season 3, episode 21): I half covered my face with my hands feeling sorry for Layla. She signed that contract without even reading it first ...

That made me feel like:

To catch up, you can go to

Music Video Actress

I was invited to participate in this video ...

Views From the George Jones Museum's Rooftop in Nashville

To find it: Walk Broadway towards the river and turn left onto 2nd Ave. N. It's just up the street from Hard Rock Cafe and Wildhorse Saloon and it's on the right. Address: 128 2nd Ave. N.

My Dad's Birthplace

It's in Bergsjo, Halsingland, Sweden. He and his family lived here until he was seven years old. The farm house is long gone, but not the magnificent view!

My Favorite Swedish Soda

This is definitely on my check list of what to eat/drink each time I go to Sweden: Trocadero, a soft drink that has a flavor of apple and peach. Kinda.

Easter Double

My parents wanted to see me over Easter, so they sent me a ticket, What a blessing it was!

For the Easter Smorgasbord I decided to contribute by making an American classic: Deviled Eggs. Two of the eggs had double yolks. I do not know if that means anything in particular, but it was very special either way.

My Favorite Vegetarian Meal


McD's can Vegetarian ...

... in Sweden. I had this bean burger meal in Stockholm:

If McDonald's knows how to make vegetarian meals, why not in the US?

Ponderings ...

Most of the times I am the one that says to someone to not think too much ... today I guess I have to tell that to myself. Done nothing but thinking. I'm not letting the thoughts control me though ... they come and then they go ... here are some questions I've been asking today:
Is one weak if one show oneself vulnerable?
Is there any use to tell a truth if you're under the impression that no one would believe you?

After a while, a feeling came as a response: the answer to every question is love.

A Little Hobby of Mine ...

I have just a few hobbies ... one is baking (and eating) cookies, another one is taking pictures of jukeboxes. Why? Well ... maybe because I would like to have one, but don't have room for one at home .... there's just something about a jukebox.

At The CMA Luncheon

Yesterday I had the honor of attending the CMA luncheon at the Country Music Hall of Fame with my husband and we were present at a historic moment. The Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees were presented and interviewed by Ms. Brenda Lee. 

At the table we sat at, family members of one inductee, the late A-team Nashville session player Grady Martin, were sitting. Look his name up on the web, you will be pleasantly surprised at the mark he has made in Country Music history. Brenda Lee interviewed his son.

The other inductees of the Class of 2015 are The Oak Ridge Boys and Jim Ed Brown & The Browns. All high class musicians and entertainers without question. P-E-R-I-O-D.

IKEA Treats


A Kriz Rogers Quote

"About genres: they are the trunk of a tree. About sub-genres: they are the limbs of the tree. Then there are the leaves that live their own life waving with the wind with provisions from the tree. I am a leaf." -Kriz Rogers.

Remnants of Pandora

Unusual snow storms have passed over Nashville lately. One of them - Pandora - left a snow and ice print on the ground that kept me from going anywhere for five days. Below a picture of a chunk of ice I broke off that was laying on top of the wimdshield ... yes, it was that thick ... (a regular sized microwave right behind it as a reference).

Capital Memories

It was very special. The trip to Washington D.C. To go there, we went by car from Nashville by Knoxville and then northwest through Virginia and the Shenendoah Valley. I really enjoyed the picturesque scenery of the agricultural settings in Virginia, it was a very pretty landscape. The highlight of the trip was definitely the visit to Arlington National Cemetery. I was thinking as I was walking there that I really have the outmost respect not only for the fallen and the servicemen and women interred there and their service and the families sacrifices, but also for the ones who work there. My thought is that they serve those who served. What a legacy.

A New Toy

A necessity can also be fun. This necessity was brought on by a broken chair. It needed some repairing because two bolts had gotten broken and it was not reclining. What's the point with a recliner that doesn't recline? Poor thing, it had been degraded to a chair ...

Anyway, I took the bull by the horn and went to Home Depot to purchase my new toy. It makes me think about the Lowe's commercial that I liked so much that they showed in December where a guy has his Chritmas gift and is pushing the button twice and then singing "bells" (I did that too). Anyway, the chair is fixed and the toy is put away. For now. Who knows, I might use it as an instrument playing a song someday soon.

Growing Nashville

Nashville does not look like it did when I first came here, and it's not that long ago, only 6 years. There were no Omni Hotel, no Music City Center, no Country Music Hall of Fame extension with Hatch Show Print and the CMA Theater ... and those developments changed the scenery and the feel of downtown a lot! Those are pretty cool though  ...

One con is you have to re-learn to know your way around often here. There is constant progress and construction sites everywhere. Even New York Times included an article from the Nashville Scene about what has been, and is going on Gentrification is threatening Nashville's soul?

Here's the latest Article in Music Row

What is the best option for Nashville? Keeping on tearing down historic sites in the name of money or a perfect blend of old and new with the new built on unoccupied lots? I think the latter.

My Resolutions

For starters: Happy New Year to each and all and may love be ever present in your lives.

My New Years Resolution is the same every new year and that is to be the best person I can be every day throughout the year. This year I added some things that I would like to keep doing and that is to continue taking care of myself as best I can eating healthy and not too much, not too little - or "lagom" as in the ever present Swedish "live-by-rule". I've already lost a few pounds eating "lagom", drinking two cups of organic, green tea every day and using a new exercise technique that is as easy as it is simple: just do whatever exercise or movements you want with lots of effort put into it for ... 20 seconds at a time. Yup, you read it right, 20 seconds at a time is all. I'm doing that several times throughout the day so it adds up!

Whatever you promised, or if you didn't promise anything, may 2015 bless you with lots of dreams, goals and desires come …