A Re-write Blessed With Sunshine

Today started out a little grey and rainy. It ended up with sunbeams blessing a project; a song.

As an NSAI member active in submitting songs for evaluation, I submit songs I've written and receive feedback and suggestions on improvement.  If you are a songwriter and have not yet started getting your songs evaluated and critiqued, I highly recommend it.  When you let true professionals look at your songs, they have your best interest at heart, the best interest for the song becoming the best it can be and the process of making you the best songwriter you can be at heart too.

Recently I have put effort in re-writing a song I submitted a while back. It is an inspirational song and at first it did not seem to be wanting to be re-written (yes, songs do have life and soul and can talk to you, just not with a regular voice). I dis not give up though, I kept at it and tried soooo many different angles for verse 2. Today I finished it easily with a new bridge too, and as soon as I did, the sun started shining. I take that as a sign from above. You may think that it is silly or crazy, but I am a believer in the Divine in everything and therefore a believer in signs. My re-write was approved by sunbeams from above.


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