My Resolutions

For starters: Happy New Year to each and all and may love be ever present in your lives.

My New Years Resolution is the same every new year and that is to be the best person I can be every day throughout the year. This year I added some things that I would like to keep doing and that is to continue taking care of myself as best I can eating healthy and not too much, not too little - or "lagom" as in the ever present Swedish "live-by-rule". I've already lost a few pounds eating "lagom", drinking two cups of organic, green tea every day and using a new exercise technique that is as easy as it is simple: just do whatever exercise or movements you want with lots of effort put into it for ... 20 seconds at a time. Yup, you read it right, 20 seconds at a time is all. I'm doing that several times throughout the day so it adds up!

Whatever you promised, or if you didn't promise anything, may 2015 bless you with lots of dreams, goals and desires come true!


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