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What is romance? High expectations maybe? Seriously, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town. It does not have to be a hot air balloon ride. It’s the little things that matters: a compliment said from the heart, helping each other fix dinner or handing your partner his/her jacket while you’re getting yours. Another everyday romantic thing is to ask for and get a neck massage or even give one to your loved one spontaneously. Something that I think is very sweet that my husband does for me is when he brushes his teeth before I do and then takes my toothbrush out and leaves it on the vanity for me. And says “I love you” and gives me a good night kiss. Those little things that make someone feel loved, that is big romance.

(Swedish translation below/Svensk översättning nedan)


Vad är romantik? Höga förväntningar kanske? Allvarligt talat, det är nödvändigtvis inte den dyraste middagen på den flådigaste restaurangen i sta’n. Det är nödv…