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Halloween v. All Saints' Day/All Souls' Day

Halloween v. All Souls’ Day/All Saints’ Day

Yesterday was Halloween in the States. It’s always on October 31. I didn’t buy any candy, because parents here do not let their children walk around at night knocking on doors because it’s not considered safe. Families go to special Halloween events at their church or go to a mall. Last year Chase and I went to a shopping mall and it was fun watching all the children in their creative costumes visiting the different stores asking the inevitable question “Trick or Treat?” Over in Sweden, we didn’t use to have any Halloween celebrations at all until the early 1990’s. And then, it got confused with All Saint’s Day that in Sweden is on the first Saturday in November regardless of what date it is. Sunday is All Souls’ Day when there in church is a special service where the pastor lights a candle and reads from the Bible over and for every person in the congregation that passed away during the year. So you see the All Saint’s Day Weekend in Sweden …

ENG: Places to call Home - SE: Platser att kalla for hemma


Why Shelleyridge?

Why Shelleyridge?
Let me introduce you to Shelleyridge, a user on YouTube. She looks a lot like me, sings a lot like me and even writes, walks and talks a lot like me. Well, it actually is me, or was me, since the name is referring to the state of mind I was in when I signed up. What state of mind? Like the mind of somebody that has been mistreated for so long that she feels like she wants to withdraw from the world and only live inside of her own little shell, thereof the first part of the name. Was she all alone in the world? No, no, no woman is an island. But if a goodhearted woman is told enough times in action and words by the one she loves that she is very disliked, a woman can feel like she is unloved by everybody. Some of the songs on “Roads” tell part of that story. Now as for the ridge, it describes another part of who I was, because my last name at that time was Åhs, which means ridge in Swedish.
Why have I not changed the username Shelleyridge then? First of all … I have n…

Biological analphabet

Biological analphabet

My father has always been interested in nature. He knows names of birds, plants, trees ... you name it. He wanted to teach me everything he knows and most of it stayed with me. I remember the first plant he pointed out to me and its name both in Swedish and Latin. It was Vitsippa, or Anemone Nemorosa (Wood Anemone in English). It is a pretty little plant with a flower that has white petals and yellow middle (okay, stemens and pistils). He taught me what plants were poisonous and he showed me one that I could eat. I probably was around 5 or 6 years old. That’s where my interest in nature started. When I came over to Tennessee, I knew very little, no, nothing about the kinds of plants and trees that grow here. I really felt like a biological analphabet. The flowers and trees were very pretty but I felt frustrated not being able to talk about them. I know how the first immigrants must have felt when they came over here and I admire them, because I can not even start …

James Arness, airplanes, "Manuel Goodbye" and my late Aunt

James Arness, airplanes, “Manuel Goodbye” and my late Aunt
Now what in the world is the connection in the headline above, you may ask? Well, it’s quite simple: my late aunt loved all three. When I was I child they ran a TV-series which they in Swedish called “Familjen Macahan” (The Macahan family). The original American title was “How the West was won”. It seemed like everyone in Sweden was watching it at the time. The series follows a family and the obstacles they encounter during and after the Civil war as they move to the west. My aunt had a framed poster of James Arness as his character Zeb Macahan hanging on the wall in her hallway. I thought that was cool. As for myself, I don’t quite recall which of the characters I liked best: Luke (played by Bruce Boxleitner) or Josh (William Kirby Cullen). Luke is the brother that can handle his gun real well and always manage no matter what situations he runs into. My heart sympathized with Josh though, that has to stay to help at the farm …

To make it simple

To make it simple (or how Kristina Lindberg became Kriz Rogers)
She was named Kristina after her father’s grandmother.She changed her spelling to Kriztina when she was 13 years old. Why? a) Just because she thought it was cool. b) She liked (still does) the letter ’z’. c) There was already a country singer by the name of Christina Lindberg (still is) and Kriz wanted to make it a little easier for people to distinguish between the two. d) Her favorite tv show was Zorro. e) She didn’t do any other teenage revolution.She married Chase Rogers in 2009, and since he and all her americanfriends call her Kriz for short and Kriz Rogers has a good rhythm to it, she decided that her stage name would be Kriz Rogers.

Why Kriz Rogers is the person she is is a totally different story, and you just might find out something about her by continuing to follow this blog! ; )

Translation into Swedish below:
För att förenkla det hela (eller hur det kom sig att Kristina Lindberg blev Kriz Rogers)

Hon fick namne…

Easter in the West

Easter in The West
You may wonder why I, in the year of 2011, am writing about an Easter two years ago. Well, it was not like any other. Usually I would have worked at the ski resort in Hassela and then gone to my parents to enjoy a smorgasbord, but … it so happened that I had my mind set to go west. Love was calling, a love by the name of Chase Rogers. From an outsider’s point of view it must have looked like this little Kriz had gone -if not insane - well, at least half-crazy.
Chase Rogers came across Kriz’s myspace site ( in October 2008. According to Kriz, Chase started sending flirtatious messages and comments from his myspace ( to hers, and obviously it worked, because after a time they exchanged email addresses and later on phone numbers. Soon enough, the phone bill got up to the same amount as an air flight ticket, so Kriz decided to go over to check “that cowboy” out at the end of 2008. The …

For the sake of what

Between passion and love, struggle and commitment ... what is the purpose and who am I singing for? Myself, well, yes and no. I love music, beyond any reason and explanation, but like it has been said a million times before, what is a note delivered from the throat of a passionate soul without an appreciative ear of an understanding mind. No question mark. The answer on what is driving me is most likely a combination of things. I come from a line, a heritage, where my ancestors were musically talented. Some of them successfullly so, though not on a worldwide scale. My parents have given me my interest in music, always taken me to places where inspiration could grow. Always encouraged me when they saw I needed it. I did not always appreciate it, like when I felt I was forced to learn how to play accordion when I was ten years old. But from my simple begginings on a xylophone toy on which my dad taught me how to play Twinkle Little Star, to my first own written songs, they always showed…