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Thoughts of Two Words As One

Grateful   - Graceful

Only one letter sets them apart. They feel like they are connected. One leads to the other.

A music friend's bio

My music friend and multi-instrumentalist Greg Holt has asked me to pass his bio along. Check his music and talents out, he's great!

I am currently the fiddle player for the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Team...and the Tampa Bay Storm Arena Football Team. My band, Boxcar Hollow Band, won "The Best of Tampa Bay" award! I am sponsored by Wood Violins, NS Design Violins, Black Diamond Strings, and Dallas Hats. I am a Multi-Instrumentalist (fiddle, mandolin, keys, b3 organ, steel, banjo, vocals). I am available for local, touring or session work (CAN DO IT VIA INTERNET TOO!), or even solo violin performances for events! I was just featured in the February, 2012 Herald Tribune: Have been a member of these bands: Boxcar Hollow, Mel McDaniel, David Ball, LoCash Cowboys, The New Creatures, Mad Dog and the Smokin' J's, Billy McKnight and the Soul Circus Cowboys, Riders of the Easy P…

Merry Christmas Everyone!


My New Favorite Humorous Santa Song

I hope radio is playing this song this year ....

Late Nite Snack ...

My favorite late night snack is one slice of home made pizza. I made one for dinner that has whole wheat flour in the dough and spinach, onions, mushrooms, fresh tomato slices and cheese as toppings. I sauteed the onions first which gave them a more smooth flavor and texture. Next time I think I'll add some feta cheese as a topping also and continue to tweak the recipe of the dough etc. Lucky enough for me only make home made pizza every so often!

Help Raise $200 for Kid Pan Alley

I am currently competing in the Bands4Good challenge trying to raise as much money as possible for charity organizations helping children work with music and eachother at school.

The charity I am supporting is Kid Pan Alley. They help kids write songs. "You Can't Put A Bandaid On A Broken Heart" is one of them.

If you wish to help them, you can donate here: Kriz Rogers Bands4Good fundraiser

An Evening At The Mall

Guess what  .... Chase and I are done with our Christmas shopping. That is a personal record for both of us. I could say that we didn't buy but one thing each for eachother, but that's not completely true. The best things and gifts in life are free anyway.

We started our Christmas season two weeks back with going to the Opry Mills mall to get some inspiration and ideas for what is on our wish lists.

Songbird or console game machine ... or both? :-)

Post by 92.9.

Enjoying The Colors

Although it is very windy today, there still are some leaves left to enjoy ...

Renoir + Singing My Blues Away = true

I think they go real well together: Renoir's "Flower Study" and my song "Singing My Blues Away"

Learn how to get a song on itunes at

The Best Concert I've Ever Been To

I don't remember what year it was now, but I clearly remember the concert and the venue. It was on a warm, Swedish summer night at the Scandinavian Country Music Festival outside of Gävle on the east coast of Sweden..

The performer was the one and only Billy Joe Shaver. He had an all acoustic line up where even the bass player played an acoustic bass (they were all plugged in, though!). Billy Joe was preaching from the stage. Not the kind of preaching you hear in churches, this was more subtle, but you could still feel it. Yes, he and the band performed "I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal (But I'm Gonna Be A Diamond Someday)",  "Live Forever" and other hit songs. He spoke about his late son and pleaded in a nice way to everyone in the audience to stay away from trouble. His song about his song brought tears to more eyes than mine. It was a magical night with a sacred feeling. The closest I've been to being in a church without being in a church. It inspi…

Less is more ...

Smoothie: .... bananas ... peaches ... orange juice ... less is indeed more!

One and a half week before anyone else ...

Living in Nashville has its perks. Like for instance taking the opportunity to go and listen to a live interview at the CMHOF and Museum where Marty Stuart told Scott Goldman about how he was led to start playing the mandolin listening to blues. He also told the story of how he ended up co-writing a song with Johnny Cash only four days before the music icon passed away. They were neighbors and Mr. Stuart went over to J.R as he called him - from time to time to keep him company and that particular day he approached J.R with an idea he had and they finished the song in five minutes.

A Musical Collectible

I had the honor of listening to this lady singing at The Texas Troubadour Theatre in Nashville.  recently. Couldn't help but buying her latest Cd. My favorites songs on it so far are "Baby's Not Home" and the title track "My Imagination".
To buy/listen to samples:

Green Canvas Prints

Is there any color more happy than green? I mean, it signals birth and growth through the colors of leaves and stems of flowering plants. It is my favorite happy color!

green canvas prints

Classic Sandwiches

One American:

One Swedish:

There is light at the end of the tunnel ... always.

A song I wrote:

A Classic Swedish Joke

One of my favorite jokes that I just translated into English:

Two friends were talking about a couple they knew. "They are a mismatch", said one. "In what way?", said the other. "Well, you know, she's a mathematician and he is impossible to figure out!".

Good thing about losing something ...

"The good thing about losing something is that when searching for it, you may find something else."
- Kriz Rogers

It's okay ...

... to be a Veggievore.

I just learned that new depiction while reading on a Swedish web site. It's a noun describing a person who mostly eats veggies and only sometimes meat. Funny thing is, the news traveled from the US to Sweden and ended up as news on a radio station. It's such a small world :-)

Kitchen Duty Helpful Tip

When you want to wipe the inside of a glass jar dry with a paper towel or cloth and the jar - or something else that is to narrow to fit your hand into to be able to reach well, use the handle of a spoon with a long handle as your hand. Works great!

Building My Bucket List

Play at the RymanPlay at the Grand Ole OpryHug a Redwood TreeSee the Grand CanyonSee the Niagara FallsVisit Monument ValleyDip my feet in the Pacific OceanGo on a trip to the Smoky MountainsPlay a Pigeon Forge VenuePlay a Branson, Missouri venue
What's on your Bucket List?

My Favorite Fair Fares

What I love the most about fairs: the food of course :-) American Fairs also have music entertainment, while the Swedish do not, but they have more vendors. Descriptions in English for the Swedish Fair Fares and in Swedish for the American Fair Fares.

Kriz Rogers' Grahamsbullar (Whole Wheat Yeast Rolls)

Kriz Rogers’ Grahamsbullar (Whole Wheat Yeast Rolls)
Yields 16 rolls

            You will need: 
·5 dl water  (2.1 cups) ·50 g butter (1.8 oz) ·1 pouch dry yeast ·½ tsp salt ·1 tbsp maple syrup ·6 dl Whole Wheat Flour (2.5 cups) ·5 dl All Purpose Flour (2.1 cups) ·2 tbsp olive oil
                             + All Purpose Flour for working the dough on the counter.

Heat the water to between 43 to 46 degrees Celsius (110 to 115 Fahrenheit) and pour it into a preparation bowl. Add the butter, salt and maple syrup and stir until the butter has melted. Add flour and yeast and stir until it forms a dough that is sticky and doesn’t cling to the bowl. Sprinkle olive oil over the dough. Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel to let the dough rise for about 30 minutes.
Pour some All Purpose Flour onto the surface you’re going to be working on and scrape the dough out of the bowl onto the surface. Work in flour into the dough until it’s not sticky anymore. Cut the dough in half …

A Night At The Fair

Yaaay, I've been to my first fair! About time you might say since I've been living here for 5 1/2 years ... the fair was the Williamson County Fair. The weather was a little bit thundery-like, so they did not run the rides, but the BIG thing for me was that Bill Anderson was performing. Nadine (from Larry's Country Diner), Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius too, but we got there just in time to grab something to eat and then watch Bill Anderson's set. How much I enjoyed it ... I cried, I laughed and sang along. It felt like Christmas. More even so when Chase bought me the book "I hope you're living as high on the hog as the pig you turned out to be", that I had on my Christmas wish list last year, but didn't get, but I got it now :-) Chase remembered; he even kept my wish list until now, how sweet is that?!! So, even if it came a rain shower or two (the performances were inside though), my heart was full of sunshine.

PS. When I walked up to Mr. Anderson…

Healthy and Yummy Dinner

I hardy ever use measurements when cooking ... that way every meal is different and a surprise! Most of the times a pleasant surprise :-) Like these Black Eyed Peas Vegballs. I used one can of Black Eyed Peas and mixed with cooked white rice (about half a cup), chopped yellow onion, tomato paste, old fashion oats and spices (salt. pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and Italian herbs). Then I shaped them into balls, fried them all around till slightly browned and then poured Marinara Sauce over to let them simmer for about 10-15 minutes. I served them over spaghetti with some grated cheese on top. Yum!

Songwriting Tools

Here are some very helpful sites to use when you are writing songs:    (to find words that rhyme or near end rhymes)        (dictionary search engine with very advanced search options)

The Best Answer I've Ever Heard

The question: "What do you think about today's country music?"

The answer is Jim Lauderdale's: "You can't judge country music by what's currently popular."

Meaning that music genres constantly evolve. He also pointed out that rock music is not the same today as it was when it started out. What is popular always changes. My addition: Looking at country music as a whole, think about how rich it is with different sub-genres to meet (almost) everyone's taste.

Honoring Independence Day

This is the crafts project I did today to pay tribute to the Red, White and Blue:
I printed out eight flags on a sheet of paper and cut them out ....

... and then I cut a fishing line long enough to fit the window I wanted it at and a little bit more and glued the flags backside to backside with the fishing line in between ... and hung it up ...

Happy 238th Birthday USA!!!

New Quotes ...

Pick whichever one that speaks to you the most ... or write your own :-)

"Clean food makes a clean body"

"Clean food makes a clean mind, body and spirit"

"Clean food makes a healthy heart, mind and spirit"

Mmmmm ... fried green tomatoes ...

I recently had a veggie plate at Vittle's in Brentwood. I was thrilled to see that they have fried green tomatoes on their menu (when in season) and I surely and thoroughly enjoyed my first taste of the southern classic!
What I drank? Sweet tea of course :-)

Growing things ...

One of the things my parents taught me - or was it already in me? - was the fascination for growing things. My dad always pointed out flowers, trees, birds and what they wee called ... and he once said that an onion flower is pretty. I never knew what an onion flower looked like - until now. The thought and curiosity stayed with me, so a few months ago when I had an over-ripe onion in a cupboard I did not hesitate but planted it in a pot outside. And now I know what an onion flower looks like!

Summer words

If you are in the US and you hear someone saying "hammock", this is what that person is talking about:
In Swedish you would say "hängmatta" to the above, and a hammock looks like this in Sweden:

while it is called a canopy swing in the US.

Google Characters

Have you seen them? If you have google chrome as a browser- or visit, and open a blank tab, there are the characters g-o-o-g-l-e and most of the time they are "dressed up" to depict something that is going on right now. Like now, when the Futbul or Soccer World Cup is taking place, the characters are depicting scenes on or off the soccer field. Sometimes there is a play button and if you click on it, the characters come to life. It's little things like that that amuses and makes one's day a little brighter actually.

Happy Father's Day!


Veggie Plates

I do appreciate the fact that more and more restaurants are having vegetarian (some even vegan) dishes to choose from. If they don't, most of them now offer a veggie plate where you can combine your favorite sides into one, big, yummy veggie feast. That's especially good when you're eating out with non-vegetarians: they chose theirs, you chose yours. Soooo ...

.... thank you restaurant menu makers for abiding to what's good for everyone :-)

Post CMA Fest Thoughts

So, now I can say "been there - done that" to the CMA Fest experience. I felt the happy vibes from thousands and thousands of people enjoying themselves, heard the water bottle vendors shout out to our need for replenishing our fluids and heard music everywhere. I can clearly see why it is a great fan fest - the laid back and intimate feel there is to it for artists and fans to connect at different levels. A very interesting part to watch is the movement of 60,000 people walking over the bridge to LP field. If someone could put all that combined energy into use, it might power Nashville for a year. Or maybe that's exactly what it does (I know there is more to it than that of course, it's just figuratively speaking).

The artists play for free and it benefits the CMA Foundation's Keep The Music Playing.

En Dikt På Sveriges Nationaldag - A Poem On Sweden's National Day

En Skål För Sverige

Jag skålar för Sverige i fläderblomssaft
För sommar’n och ljuset och glädjen vi haft;
För språket och ord och fred på vår jord
Och fortsatt gemenskap och kärleksfull livskraft.

Campfire Goodies


Memorial Day

Chase and I honored the special day and its significance by watching the concert on PBS and other related programming on TV, having a picnic dinner at home and contemplated. I thought about last years Memorial Day, when we went to the Chattanooga National Cemetery and paid our respects to our late friend and neighbor John, who served in WWII in the Navy. John gave me a flag of his that he had been presented after serving as the President of the Eagle's Club in Chattanooga. He gave me that flag on the day I was granted my Green Card. What a nice gesture and what an honor for me to now have that flag. Thank you John for that and for your service. Thank you everyone.

Below: the Bill Anderson video of his tribute song to the military Service Men and Women

Why we talk to cats in high pitch

I came to a realization today as I was talking to our cat while petting it. For all of you that has ever had an encounter with a cat and talked to it, or even have or have had a cat of your own, you know, we human beings have a tendency to talk to cats in a high pitch tone of voice. And they like it and listen to it. It just struck me today that cats talk - or meow if you so wish - in a high pitch tone, so that's why they listen more when we use a high pitch tone. Has this ever been scientifically proven? I don't know, but who knows, some day it may :-)

Two celebrations - many days

If you do a search on the internet for what day Mother's or Father's Day is on, you will receive a list of many different dates for different countries. Here in the States the days are on the second Sunday in May and the third Sunday in June respectively. Since the Swedish Mother's Day also is in May (but on the third Sunday), I simply buy the card for my mother shortly before the US day is and mail it a week after. The card for my father though, I buy in June and hold on to until November, since the Swedish Father's Day is on the third Sunday in November! :-)

Treasures At The Museum


When my songs come

Somewhere in between dreamland and awake-land. That's where melodies appear to me. Nothing forceful about it, they are simply there and I hear them. Like "Driving Me Crazy" from Roads. Please don't ask me what I dreamed about before I nearly woke up that time because I don't remember. I rarely do. I guess melodies stick better than dreams do and that's a good thing! :-)

You know you're in Nashville when ...

... the bus stop shelters have printed music on them ...


- Do you believe in the Big Bang?

- Yes.

- Do you believe in God?

- Yes.

- How can you believe in both?

- God created and creates everything, didn't and doesn't He?

- Yes.

... and greener ...


A Day At Long Hunter

Tennessee has many state parks and I love them all. I haven't been to all of them (yet), but I still know I love them all. This afternoon was spent at Long Hunter State Park and the weather was absolutely The Best! I think at this point I have found one of my favorite places ... to share the experience with my companion and husband made it even better!