One and a half week before anyone else ...

Living in Nashville has its perks. Like for instance taking the opportunity to go and listen to a live interview at the CMHOF and Museum where Marty Stuart told Scott Goldman about how he was led to start playing the mandolin listening to blues. He also told the story of how he ended up co-writing a song with Johnny Cash only four days before the music icon passed away. They were neighbors and Mr. Stuart went over to J.R as he called him - from time to time to keep him company and that particular day he approached J.R with an idea he had and they finished the song in five minutes.

Marty Stuart signing a CD for Kriz.

Marty Stuart and Kriz.

I am now an owner of this CD one and a half week before its actual release. It has two CDs where one has Saturday Night songs on it and the other Sunday Morning (inspirational) songs. It's easy to hear the bluesy undertones in Marty's music that he was influenced by growing up in Mississippi. The CD is going to be available to the public on September 30, 2014.

Scott Goldman - Vice President of the Grammy Foundation and Music Cares - interviewing Marty Stuart at the Ford Theater, CMHOF and Museum, Nashville, TN.


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