Something warm for my cup

One of my previous posts was about what I missed having from my native country Sweden. That one thing was a Chinese dessert. Now I know of something else too after coming off from a flu: Rose Hip Soup and Black Currant Syrup. They are both loaded with Vitamin C and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Cold on a hot summer day and hot on a cold winters day ... or when you have the flu. It is very soothing and warms you up if you're having a fever or just feel cold. Unfortunately the Rose Hip Soup powder and Black Currant Syrup are hard to find and expensive so those aren't things I have as staples in my pantry. And the only time I have missed them, really, is in the past weeks. House remedies from our childhood are pretty good memories though about a mother that cared enough to give you something to make you feel warm and loved. Not too bad.

Rose Hip Soup and Rose Hips

Black Currant Syrup

Black Currant Berries


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