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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks
Thank You Lord for … my life; the planet I’m living on; my parents; my children; my family over in Sweden and here in the US; loving friends; music lovers and fans; my health; roof over my head; clothes to wear; food to eat; clean water to drink; hot running water; soap; shampoo; washing machines; roses; trees; loving animals; churches; means of transportation; an income; helpful people; joy; love; happiness; daily teachings; a comfortable bed; music; my voice; my eyes; my ears; my guitars; pens; paper; computers; the internet; pretty blue skies; books; tables; chairs; comfortable couches; roads; trucks; fuel; grocery stores; restaurants; art; flower pots; people specialized in different areas to make our world go around; electricity; light bulbs; trains; boats; the wind; the sun; beautiful scenery …. and last but not least: Thank You for my loving husband.

The list is by no means complete …. every moment brings new realizations of things to be grateful for …

In Swedish…

Fall Colors - Höstfärger

Fall colors

The leaves are almost gone from the trees now. It sure has been a very pretty display. There are more shades of red, yellow and orange here in Tennessee than I ever could have imagined existed. And the colors of the leaves are not the only pretty fall colors here: I can mention squash and pumpkins that come in all tints of nature’s splendor. Even my favorite snack popcorn comes in pretty fall colors. Well, maybe not the popcorn itself, but the corn which is known as “Indian corn”, as it is the original, American native variety of corn. Hope you enjoy the beautiful fall colors as much as I do.

Översättning till Svenska/Translation into Swedish:


Löven är nästan borta från träden nu. Det har varit ett väldigt fint skådespel. Det finns fler nyanser av rött, gult och orange här i Tennessee än jag någonsin hade kunnat föreställa mig. Och färgerna på löven är inte de enda fina höstfärgerna här: Jag kan nämna squash och pumpa som finns i naturens alla magnifika kulörer. Äv…

The beauty of Tennessee

A facebook friend of mine posted a youtube video today that made me realize how Blessed I am to be living in such a beautiful state. Thank you Tennessee and USA for making me feel so privileged, thank you Chase for your love and thank You God for your Creation.

Mid Summer - Midsommar

Mid Summer

A very special holiday in Sweden, it's as big as Christmas and the reason is probably because it's a celebration of the longest and brightest 24 hours of the year. In the northernmost parts of Sweden the sun never sets this time of the year. In a country that has eight months of winter it is a BIG DEAL = )

Here in the States there are no Mid Summer celebrations, with the exceptions of people with Swedish heritage that want to keep the traditions alive.

Anyway, the magic with Mid Summer has to be experienced first hand. You really have to be there ... next best thing is to watch this slide show video where I tried to capture some of the magic ... and the food!!!!!!!

(översättning till Svenska nedanför videon/translation into Swedish below the video)


En väldigt speciell högtid i Sverige, den är lika stor som Julen och skälet till det är förmodligen för att det är ett firande av det längsta och ljusaste dygnet på året. I de norra delarna av Sverige går solen a…



I was conceived in a SAAB. No, just kidding ... but that's what some people used to say because of my father's love for that make of car. My parents have never had any other make of car ... except for a short period of time when they had a blue Volvo 240 ... and when they married my father had a Volvo PV. They've had the models SAAB 96, SAAB 95, SAAB 99, SAAB 90 (I learned to drive in it) and now they have two SAAB 900. One blue and one red. I don't remember what year they are, but I think the red one is a 1996 and the other an early 1990s. Both SAAB and Volvo are Swedish brands by the way ...
If I would want to have a SAAB, I think I'd choose a 9-5 ... one that looks like this:
Before I moved to Tennessee, I owned a white Volvo V70 TD. My son owns it now.

 In Swedish/på Svenska:  Jag är tillverkad i en SAAB. Nej, skojar bara ... …

Pink Thursday

Pink Thursday
Easter week. Starting with Palm Sunday and ending with Easter Sunday. In Sweden it has one extra day – the day after Easter Sunday that is called Annandag Påsk that also is a holiday. It would be called Otherday Easter if I translated it straight on. Anyway, the day I want to write about today is Pink Thursday (the day before Good Friday=today!). I hope that you won’t get too puzzled now, but I’m going to describe an old folk myth and the reason why Swedish children dress like cute witches on this day. A long time ago people in Sweden believed that Pink Thursday was a day when witches had a conference at an Island called Blåkulla (Bluehill), and to get there they rode their brooms together with their cats … Are you entertained yet? ; ) That’s why Swedish children dress like cute little witches – påskkärringar in Swedish - on this day and they also make Happy Easter cards and walk from door to door to hand them out and hopefully they will get candy, cookies, fruit or maybe …



What is romance? High expectations maybe? Seriously, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town. It does not have to be a hot air balloon ride. It’s the little things that matters: a compliment said from the heart, helping each other fix dinner or handing your partner his/her jacket while you’re getting yours. Another everyday romantic thing is to ask for and get a neck massage or even give one to your loved one spontaneously. Something that I think is very sweet that my husband does for me is when he brushes his teeth before I do and then takes my toothbrush out and leaves it on the vanity for me. And says “I love you” and gives me a good night kiss. Those little things that make someone feel loved, that is big romance.

(Swedish translation below/Svensk översättning nedan)


Vad är romantik? Höga förväntningar kanske? Allvarligt talat, det är nödvändigtvis inte den dyraste middagen på den flådigaste restaurangen i sta’n. Det är nödv…