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A Friend's Debut At The Grand Ole Opry

My friend Lyn messaged me and said she had one extra ticket to the Saturday Night Opry and asked if I wanted to go with her to see our friend Bronson Bush's Opry debut. It did not take any hesitation at all on my behalf before I said yes!  When we met up at the Opry Plaza by the entrance, there was a jazz band playing to welcome everyone and it was very spirit lifting.  I was thinking as I walked and listened - yes, at the same time lol - that Nashville really knows how to go the extra mile to make things more than right when it comes to hospitality.  This was a very special Opry: not only was it Bronson's debut, it was also this season's American Idol Tristan McIntosh's Opry debut, whom Bronson played guitar for.  As if that was not special enough, Steve Wariner celebrated his 20th anniversary as an Opry member the same night. Wow, what a night!

A Mother's Day Poem

A mystery so deep                                               The feelings of a mom                                               They tear and pull a need to keep                                               Their children safe and warm.
                                              Their every wish a joy filled heart                                               Of is and yet to come                                               Near or there, or far apart                                               Mom's hug is always home.

A Celebration - One Day Early

What can one do on a gorgeously sunny Saturday before Mother's Day? For starters, cut some vines and small shrubs down along a fence. Then dig a hole in the ground - a rectangular one. Hopefully there will be strawberry plants thriving there eventually. After that, a short drive in the car. I wasn't driving, my husband was, and that is the reason we ended up at Fazoli's, one of my favorite pasta restaurants, because he wanted to surprise me with a one day early Mother's Day dinner. I choose whole grain rotini with creamy basil sauce and broccoli. Don't forget about the breadsticks ... they are the best tasting in the whole wide world! I used to eat four or five with my meals there before I got a little bit older and a little bit wiser, so now I am only having two each time. I think.

Coming back home, I felt a desperate need to paint our mailbox-pole white, so I did. In the dark underneath a street light. Urges like that should not be denied.