No place in country music history is as revered as The Home of The Grand Ole Opry.  I'm reading a book right now written by Dan Rogers and Brenda Colladay.  It sets the "scene" (pun intended) perfectly: "Backstage At The Grand Ole Opry".

I'm only on page 26 of 144, but I've already experienced so many chills and gotten enough tears in my eyes, I have to stop reading for today.

Isn't the book inviting you to not only read, but to go? Actually, you can. They offer guided backstage tours.

Any comments or questions, write them below!

Neon Music Country Legacy Show

Feeling blessed to be included in this show!

The story is I had a song written by Glenn Tubb - yes, the nephew of Ernest Tubb - recorded and released, and it is playing in a tribute show to Glenn Tubb. The show is called Neon Music Country Legacy.

Veteran's Day

Thank you Veterans! Because of you all we all can enjoy the privileges of Freedom.

New Version of "Seeker"

You can listen to the previous version by visiting the Kriz Rogers' Reverbnation song page

A Musical Landmark

My signature song "Singing My Blues Away" was recorded at a studio in Hudiksvall, Sweden. My audio engineer and co-producer Henrik Mangseth of Mangseth Music Maker, and I worked on the recording here:

"Singing My Blues Away" can be downloaded on iTunes, Amazon etc.
"Singing My Blues Away" on Amazon

Yummy Dipping Sauce

Everyone who knows me knows that I don't drink, but this is a food product made by a distillery that is dog-gone good!

The Glen Campbell

Yup, I am typing a "The" before his name, because he was that prolific and will continue to influence musicians for decades and decades to come..

This is the song that I think about when I think about Glen Campbell. He played most of the instruments on this recording. For those who do not know it, Glen Campbell was a much sought after studio instrumentalist - a top notch session player - before he had a career as a solo artist. I own an LP with this recording on it. The album is "Houston (I'm Coming To See You)". Hopefully the record is still where I had to leave it at my parent's place.

Glen Campbell, R.I.P.