New Version of "Seeker"

You can listen to the previous version by visiting the Kriz Rogers' Reverbnation song page

A Musical Landmark

My signature song "Singing My Blues Away" was recorded at a studio in Hudiksvall, Sweden. My audio engineer and co-producer Henrik Mangseth of Mangseth Music Maker, and I worked on the recording here:

"Singing My Blues Away" can be downloaded on iTunes, Amazon etc.
"Singing My Blues Away" on Amazon

Yummy Dipping Sauce

Everyone who knows me knows that I don't drink, but this is a food product made by a distillery that is dog-gone good!

The Glen Campbell

Yup, I am typing a "The" before his name, because he was that prolific and will continue to influence musicians for decades and decades to come..

This is the song that I think about when I think about Glen Campbell. He played most of the instruments on this recording. For those who do not know it, Glen Campbell was a much sought after studio instrumentalist - a top notch session player - before he had a career as a solo artist. I own an LP with this recording on it. The album is "Houston (I'm Coming To See You)". Hopefully the record is still where I had to leave it at my parent's place.

Glen Campbell, R.I.P.

A Travel Companion

What is it you  might ask and what for?

It is The Traveling Hat, my companion on the road ...

... follow it (and me) on tumblr:

How I Work On Music

When I need to learn a new song, write one or musically arrange one, it is very helpful for me to go for a walk. The rhythm of my footsteps gives me a beat to work with. Then I simply repeat the lines of the song in my head (yes, I can "sing" the melody in my head).