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Remnants of Pandora

Unusual snow storms have passed over Nashville lately. One of them - Pandora - left a snow and ice print on the ground that kept me from going anywhere for five days. Below a picture of a chunk of ice I broke off that was laying on top of the wimdshield ... yes, it was that thick ... (a regular sized microwave right behind it as a reference).

Capital Memories

It was very special. The trip to Washington D.C. To go there, we went by car from Nashville by Knoxville and then northwest through Virginia and the Shenendoah Valley. I really enjoyed the picturesque scenery of the agricultural settings in Virginia, it was a very pretty landscape. The highlight of the trip was definitely the visit to Arlington National Cemetery. I was thinking as I was walking there that I really have the outmost respect not only for the fallen and the servicemen and women interred there and their service and the families sacrifices, but also for the ones who work there. My thought is that they serve those who served. What a legacy.