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Enjoying The Colors

Although it is very windy today, there still are some leaves left to enjoy ...

Renoir + Singing My Blues Away = true

I think they go real well together: Renoir's "Flower Study" and my song "Singing My Blues Away"

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The Best Concert I've Ever Been To

I don't remember what year it was now, but I clearly remember the concert and the venue. It was on a warm, Swedish summer night at the Scandinavian Country Music Festival outside of Gävle on the east coast of Sweden..

The performer was the one and only Billy Joe Shaver. He had an all acoustic line up where even the bass player played an acoustic bass (they were all plugged in, though!). Billy Joe was preaching from the stage. Not the kind of preaching you hear in churches, this was more subtle, but you could still feel it. Yes, he and the band performed "I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal (But I'm Gonna Be A Diamond Someday)",  "Live Forever" and other hit songs. He spoke about his late son and pleaded in a nice way to everyone in the audience to stay away from trouble. His song about his song brought tears to more eyes than mine. It was a magical night with a sacred feeling. The closest I've been to being in a church without being in a church. It inspi…

Less is more ...

Smoothie: .... bananas ... peaches ... orange juice ... less is indeed more!