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Thoughts of Two Words As One

Grateful   - Graceful

Only one letter sets them apart. They feel like they are connected. One leads to the other.

A music friend's bio

My music friend and multi-instrumentalist Greg Holt has asked me to pass his bio along. Check his music and talents out, he's great!

I am currently the fiddle player for the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Team...and the Tampa Bay Storm Arena Football Team. My band, Boxcar Hollow Band, won "The Best of Tampa Bay" award! I am sponsored by Wood Violins, NS Design Violins, Black Diamond Strings, and Dallas Hats. I am a Multi-Instrumentalist (fiddle, mandolin, keys, b3 organ, steel, banjo, vocals). I am available for local, touring or session work (CAN DO IT VIA INTERNET TOO!), or even solo violin performances for events! I was just featured in the February, 2012 Herald Tribune: Have been a member of these bands: Boxcar Hollow, Mel McDaniel, David Ball, LoCash Cowboys, The New Creatures, Mad Dog and the Smokin' J's, Billy McKnight and the Soul Circus Cowboys, Riders of the Easy P…

Merry Christmas Everyone!


My New Favorite Humorous Santa Song

I hope radio is playing this song this year ....

Late Nite Snack ...

My favorite late night snack is one slice of home made pizza. I made one for dinner that has whole wheat flour in the dough and spinach, onions, mushrooms, fresh tomato slices and cheese as toppings. I sauteed the onions first which gave them a more smooth flavor and texture. Next time I think I'll add some feta cheese as a topping also and continue to tweak the recipe of the dough etc. Lucky enough for me only make home made pizza every so often!

Help Raise $200 for Kid Pan Alley

I am currently competing in the Bands4Good challenge trying to raise as much money as possible for charity organizations helping children work with music and eachother at school.

The charity I am supporting is Kid Pan Alley. They help kids write songs. "You Can't Put A Bandaid On A Broken Heart" is one of them.

If you wish to help them, you can donate here: Kriz Rogers Bands4Good fundraiser