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Veteran's Day

Thank you Veterans! Because of you all we all can enjoy the privileges of Freedom.

New Version of "Seeker"

You can listen to the previous version by visiting the Kriz Rogers' Reverbnation song page

A Musical Landmark

My signature song "Singing My Blues Away" was recorded at a studio in Hudiksvall, Sweden. My audio engineer and co-producer Henrik Mangseth of Mangseth Music Maker, and I worked on the recording here:

"Singing My Blues Away" can be downloaded on iTunes, Amazon etc.
"Singing My Blues Away" on Amazon

Yummy Dipping Sauce

Everyone who knows me knows that I don't drink, but this is a food product made by a distillery that is dog-gone good!

The Glen Campbell

Yup, I am typing a "The" before his name, because he was that prolific and will continue to influence musicians for decades and decades to come..

This is the song that I think about when I think about Glen Campbell. He played most of the instruments on this recording. For those who do not know it, Glen Campbell was a much sought after studio instrumentalist - a top notch session player - before he had a career as a solo artist. I own an LP with this recording on it. The album is "Houston (I'm Coming To See You)". Hopefully the record is still where I had to leave it at my parent's place.

Glen Campbell, R.I.P.

A Travel Companion

What is it you  might ask and what for?

It is The Traveling Hat, my companion on the road ...

... follow it (and me) on tumblr:

How I Work On Music

When I need to learn a new song, write one or musically arrange one, it is very helpful for me to go for a walk. The rhythm of my footsteps gives me a beat to work with. Then I simply repeat the lines of the song in my head (yes, I can "sing" the melody in my head).



Favorite Lines

There are songs and lines in songs that touch and stir, make my heart sing and my eyes cry.  Or simply make me happy. I'll list some of them here, and I will tell you from what songs they are at the bottom of the post. Hey, you can play a game with me and guess from where these lines are taken:

"Hey, I'm not trying to be nobody,
just want a chance to be myself."

"Some are going north and some are going south,
I'm just going to be gone."

"You'll only miss the man that you wanted him to be."

"And I was like a Christmas morning child"

"Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night."

"A hundred years go faster than you think."

"My eyes are not blue, but mine won't leave you."

Interesting how powerful just one line of a song can be ....not to mention a song as a whole along with the melody and the way it's sung ...

No wonder music is such a big part of most of our lives!

I promised  to tell, so if…

Player Widget For My Recordings

If you'd like to listen to my music, here's a player:

How To Treat

Trick or Treat? Wrong season, I know, but I'm just thinking about how to treat oneself right.

So how do oneself treat oneself right? If you want to feel good with the side of you that has a righteous spirit, do what is good for the soul.Do something for someone else without expectations.Listen to the birds.Smile What do you do to treat yourself right? Comments welcome!

Songs That Create Emotions

A morning routine of mine is to turn the radio on to 650 WSM while I'm having breakfast in the kitchen. One of the songs they played today was "Coward Of The County", which I first heard on the radiop when I was a child over in Sweden.  How I viewed it back then, I don't remember, but now I love it because it is so brilliantly written with its storytelling.  It also has teachings in it about choices we make and that there always is so much more to a person than what can be assessed by simply one standpoint of theirs. I feel it is a song that encompasses both "Blessed are the meek" (from the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:5) and the more secular "The straw that broke the camel's back".

"Items" I carry

Items do not neccessarily have to be tangible: they can be things like memories ... one piece I carry with me is both in physical form and in a feeling of collected family memories.  What I am talking about is a photograph of my mom, my auint and my uncle taken when they were youngsters.  My aunt (seated in the middle) was the oldest; my mom (to the left) was and is the youngest.

Places I've Played II

As I was searching for a file on my computer today, I came across something entirely different from what I was searching for: a poster from a gig me and my band did in 2008 along with the Sun Records artist Rayburn Anthony. It was extremely fun!  The crowd was cheering, clapping and singing along. Some of the songs we did were "Storms Never Last" and "Jackson"  And in the midst of a song, the strap to my guitar broke! Lol. As I was standing up and playing and singing, I pushed the guitar as best I could against my body with my right arm while strumming.  After we had played the song through, I asked my bass player to entertain the audience while I fixed it good enough to hold together for the rest of the show. Crazy memory ...

#3 On Nashville Chart!

Maybe it is so that you - yes, you :-) - who are reading this right now have helped me get to where I am.  For that I thank you.  There is a free download you can access here:

In one of my future posts, I will write about the creation of "Lots Of Love" and what certain sections of the lyric mean to me.

My Favorite Coke

Just recently I learned that a carbonated beverage here in the South is mostly referred to as coke (I have been calling it soda for the longest).  So ...  if you hear someone asking for a coke, he or she may actually be asking for a Pepsi!!!  My favorite coke is Mountain Dew (also a Pepsi product btw).

Places I've Played

As International Women's Day was this past Wednesday, I was thinking about one particular place that I was invited to perform at and the reason I was contacted.  The lady in charge of the Women's Day Celebration events at a very prominent venue in Sundsvall, Sweden, contacted me becuase she had read about how I was bullied at school and of my journey to redemtion through music. So, this is where I played at:

Music Bucket List

Many of the places I have and still are to visit here in Nashville have been and are on my music bucket list. I have been to concerts at the Ryman (original home of the Grand Ole Opry), walked up and down Broadway hopping in and out of honky tonks listening to music and ordering an occasional Sprite/Sierra Mist (if you thought I'd say beer, you were way off the mark since I don't drink) and have had the pleasure of experiencing The Grand Ole Opry shows. Those were my listening pleasure bucket list things to do, so why not list my own music bucket list performances I would like to do ....

1. The Grand Ole Opry

2. The Ryman

3. On the Music City Roots

4. In Branson

5. In Bakersfield

6. At Dollywood

This list is going to be updated with venues around the world. To be continued.

PS. If you have any suggestions, just comment below! Thanks :)