Favorite Lines

There are songs and lines in songs that touch and stir, make my heart sing and my eyes cry.  Or simply make me happy. I'll list some of them here, and I will tell you from what songs they are at the bottom of the post. Hey, you can play a game with me and guess from where these lines are taken:

"Hey, I'm not trying to be nobody,
just want a chance to be myself."

"Some are going north and some are going south,
I'm just going to be gone."

"You'll only miss the man that you wanted him to be."

"And I was like a Christmas morning child"

"Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night."

"A hundred years go faster than you think."

"My eyes are not blue, but mine won't leave you."

Interesting how powerful just one line of a song can be ....not to mention a song as a whole along with the melody and the way it's sung ...

No wonder music is such a big part of most of our lives!

I promised  to tell, so if you haven't guessed just yet, here are the songs listed in the same order as I posted the lines: "Streets Of Bakersfield", "I'm Just Me", "Shut Up And Drive", "Memoryville" (yes, a song I recorded and that was the line that pulled me in), "I Saw The Light", "Don't Blink" and "I'm Not Lisa".

Now you also know some of my favorite songs to sing and/or to listen to!


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