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Easter Double

My parents wanted to see me over Easter, so they sent me a ticket, What a blessing it was!

For the Easter Smorgasbord I decided to contribute by making an American classic: Deviled Eggs. Two of the eggs had double yolks. I do not know if that means anything in particular, but it was very special either way.

My Favorite Vegetarian Meal


McD's can Vegetarian ...

... in Sweden. I had this bean burger meal in Stockholm:

If McDonald's knows how to make vegetarian meals, why not in the US?

Ponderings ...

Most of the times I am the one that says to someone to not think too much ... today I guess I have to tell that to myself. Done nothing but thinking. I'm not letting the thoughts control me though ... they come and then they go ... here are some questions I've been asking today:
Is one weak if one show oneself vulnerable?
Is there any use to tell a truth if you're under the impression that no one would believe you?

After a while, a feeling came as a response: the answer to every question is love.

A Little Hobby of Mine ...

I have just a few hobbies ... one is baking (and eating) cookies, another one is taking pictures of jukeboxes. Why? Well ... maybe because I would like to have one, but don't have room for one at home .... there's just something about a jukebox.