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Memorial Day

Chase and I honored the special day and its significance by watching the concert on PBS and other related programming on TV, having a picnic dinner at home and contemplated. I thought about last years Memorial Day, when we went to the Chattanooga National Cemetery and paid our respects to our late friend and neighbor John, who served in WWII in the Navy. John gave me a flag of his that he had been presented after serving as the President of the Eagle's Club in Chattanooga. He gave me that flag on the day I was granted my Green Card. What a nice gesture and what an honor for me to now have that flag. Thank you John for that and for your service. Thank you everyone.

Below: the Bill Anderson video of his tribute song to the military Service Men and Women

Why we talk to cats in high pitch

I came to a realization today as I was talking to our cat while petting it. For all of you that has ever had an encounter with a cat and talked to it, or even have or have had a cat of your own, you know, we human beings have a tendency to talk to cats in a high pitch tone of voice. And they like it and listen to it. It just struck me today that cats talk - or meow if you so wish - in a high pitch tone, so that's why they listen more when we use a high pitch tone. Has this ever been scientifically proven? I don't know, but who knows, some day it may :-)

Two celebrations - many days

If you do a search on the internet for what day Mother's or Father's Day is on, you will receive a list of many different dates for different countries. Here in the States the days are on the second Sunday in May and the third Sunday in June respectively. Since the Swedish Mother's Day also is in May (but on the third Sunday), I simply buy the card for my mother shortly before the US day is and mail it a week after. The card for my father though, I buy in June and hold on to until November, since the Swedish Father's Day is on the third Sunday in November! :-)

Treasures At The Museum


When my songs come

Somewhere in between dreamland and awake-land. That's where melodies appear to me. Nothing forceful about it, they are simply there and I hear them. Like "Driving Me Crazy" from Roads. Please don't ask me what I dreamed about before I nearly woke up that time because I don't remember. I rarely do. I guess melodies stick better than dreams do and that's a good thing! :-)

You know you're in Nashville when ...

... the bus stop shelters have printed music on them ...


- Do you believe in the Big Bang?

- Yes.

- Do you believe in God?

- Yes.

- How can you believe in both?

- God created and creates everything, didn't and doesn't He?

- Yes.

... and greener ...


A Day At Long Hunter

Tennessee has many state parks and I love them all. I haven't been to all of them (yet), but I still know I love them all. This afternoon was spent at Long Hunter State Park and the weather was absolutely The Best! I think at this point I have found one of my favorite places ... to share the experience with my companion and husband made it even better!