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I was conceived in a SAAB. No, just kidding ... but that's what some people used to say because of my father's love for that make of car. My parents have never had any other make of car ... except for a short period of time when they had a blue Volvo 240 ... and when they married my father had a Volvo PV. They've had the models SAAB 96, SAAB 95, SAAB 99, SAAB 90 (I learned to drive in it) and now they have two SAAB 900. One blue and one red. I don't remember what year they are, but I think the red one is a 1996 and the other an early 1990s. Both SAAB and Volvo are Swedish brands by the way ...
If I would want to have a SAAB, I think I'd choose a 9-5 ... one that looks like this:
Before I moved to Tennessee, I owned a white Volvo V70 TD. My son owns it now.

 In Swedish/på Svenska:  Jag är tillverkad i en SAAB. Nej, skojar bara ... …