Music Bucket List

Many of the places I have and still are to visit here in Nashville have been and are on my music bucket list. I have been to concerts at the Ryman (original home of the Grand Ole Opry), walked up and down Broadway hopping in and out of honky tonks listening to music and ordering an occasional Sprite/Sierra Mist (if you thought I'd say beer, you were way off the mark since I don't drink) and have had the pleasure of experiencing The Grand Ole Opry shows. Those were my listening pleasure bucket list things to do, so why not list my own music bucket list performances I would like to do ....

1. Grand Ole Opry

2. Ryman

3. Branson

4. Bakersfield

5. Dollywood

This list is going to be updated with venues around the workd. To be continued.

PS. If you have any suggestions, just comment below! Thanks :)


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