A Night At The Fair

Yaaay, I've been to my first fair! About time you might say since I've been living here for 5 1/2 years ... the fair was the Williamson County Fair. The weather was a little bit thundery-like, so they did not run the rides, but the BIG thing for me was that Bill Anderson was performing. Nadine (from Larry's Country Diner), Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius too, but we got there just in time to grab something to eat and then watch Bill Anderson's set. How much I enjoyed it ... I cried, I laughed and sang along. It felt like Christmas. More even so when Chase bought me the book "I hope you're living as high on the hog as the pig you turned out to be", that I had on my Christmas wish list last year, but didn't get, but I got it now :-) Chase remembered; he even kept my wish list until now, how sweet is that?!! So, even if it came a rain shower or two (the performances were inside though), my heart was full of sunshine.

A "frozen" Ferris Wheel.

Autographed  Bill Anderson picture and my "Christmas" gift.

PS. When I walked up to Mr. Anderson, I wanted to thank him for singing a favorite song of mine. But I got a little tongue tied, so I said "Thank you for singing Tear Drops", although I very well know the title of the song is "I Love You Drops" ... I guess he now has a new story to tell ...


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