My Favorite Fair Fares

What I love the most about fairs: the food of course :-)
American Fairs also have music entertainment, while the Swedish do not, but they have more vendors.
Descriptions in English for the Swedish Fair Fares and in Swedish for the American Fair Fares.

Branda Mandlar.
 (Swedish Fare. Roasted, salted almonds with a chewy almond paste coating)

Fried Pickles.
 (American Fare. Panerad, friterad inlagd gurka med vitlöksdressingsdip) 

Funnel Cake.
(American Fare. Krispig, söt, friterad kaksmet pudrad med florsocker)

(Swedish Fare originating from Hungary. Fried bread with garlic butter, sour cream and grated cheese)

Could I have one of each, please?


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