An Evening At The Mall

Guess what  .... Chase and I are done with our Christmas shopping. That is a personal record for both of us. I could say that we didn't buy but one thing each for eachother, but that's not completely true. The best things and gifts in life are free anyway.

We started our Christmas season two weeks back with going to the Opry Mills mall to get some inspiration and ideas for what is on our wish lists.

Ceiling art can be interesting too.

Chase getting a nerve blocking device demonstration.

A design that we both thought might go well with  the colors in the bathroom. I'm pretty sure Chase went to buy bathroom towels for us for Christmas. Maybe not these, but something similar to them (shhh, don't let him know that I figured it out).

They do have a very pretty dining area at the food court.
Who says veggie food ain't awesome and interesting ... falafel plate from Pyramids Cafe.
Two happy window shoppers. Well, we did get some stuff:  Chase bought a little lantern and I got a cranberry-pear room spray. And Chase bought me an early Christmas gift in the form of an essential oils body scrub. All in all, a very nice "date".


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