ENG: Places to call Home - SE: Platser att kalla for hemma

         Ronnskar, Stocka.
            I was born in Stocka by the Baltic Sea.

     Bergsjo. Where my father was born.
       Here I spent every summer as a child at my parent's summer cabin.

Gnarp. I lived almost half of my life here.
You can see that I am a real country girl. 
(Thanks www.bergsjo.nu and Jan Wadin for the picture)

Map of Nordanstig County.
My mother grew up in Hassela. I worked at the ski resort there.
My father was born in Bergsjo. Later he and his family moved to Jattendal, where my mother and father met.

Before I met Chase, I had no clue as to where Chattanooga was. Here's where I live now. (Credit to UTC for the picture)

Chattanooga. View from Lookout Mountain.
(Credit to Wikipedia for the picture)

Chattanooga by the Tennessee River.
Picture taken December 2008 from Point Park, Lookout Mountain.


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