A New Toy

A necessity can also be fun. This necessity was brought on by a broken chair. It needed some repairing because two bolts had gotten broken and it was not reclining. What's the point with a recliner that doesn't recline? Poor thing, it had been degraded to a chair ...

Anyway, I took the bull by the horn and went to Home Depot to purchase my new toy. It makes me think about the Lowe's commercial that I liked so much that they showed in December where a guy has his Chritmas gift and is pushing the button twice and then singing "bells" (I did that too). Anyway, the chair is fixed and the toy is put away. For now. Who knows, I might use it as an instrument playing a song someday soon.

Back side of the recliner degraded to chair.

My toy.

Chair re-established as recliner.


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