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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Working on my Chattanooga Bucket List

Nashville is calling and Chase and I will be living there from the first week of September, so we are working on experiencing things in Chattanooga before we leave. Last year we went to Lake Winnepesaukah and had a real great time, so we have that done already.
Two weeks ago, Aretha Frankenstein's (GREAT pancake place!) was the destination and it was certainly living up to our expactations.
Our latest adventure was to go to Rock City. What an amazing and magical journey! A visual surprise was waiting around every corner. The beautiful views were breath taking. Time and money well spent.
Lookout Mountain

The cliff The Lover's Leap ...

Suggestion: wear comfy shoes and watch your step

Happy explorer

Simply wow

View from the cafe over Seven States Flag Court

One tired hiker (no, just posing for the "dramatics")

... and the rest is downhill.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Favorite places to eat at in Chattanooga Part I

Souper Salad off of Gunbarrel Road. They are located at the same plaza as Best Buy and Hobby Lobby  .... They have a great salad bar with everything imaginable. Not to mention their pasta salads ... especially their Fettuccine Pasta Salad ...  heaven for a pasta connoisseur like yours truly :-)  Soup, baked potatoes, tacos and pizza available as well. And all kinds of desserts. I'd do best to stay away from the latter though ... What I wonder now is why in the world I would write about eating and food when it was over five hours since I last ate ... sigh ... better bite the bullet and ... go to bed and forget about it. Dream about food? Who? Me? :-)