All Kinds of Music in Nashville - But Country is My Kind of Music!

Nashville has the nickname Music City. That is because there is not only country music here.  There is an excellent Blues Club, a Symphonic Orchestra, Punk, Southern Rock and Hip Hop and everything in between. So, if you are a country music enthusiast or country artist, it pays off to do your research or ask someone that already has been here for a while BEFORE your visit. Or else you might end up having spent your own (or somebody else's) hard earned money on something like this:

That's Coast 2 Coast Live, a competition held ten times monthly in cities all over the US. It frequently stops by Nashville as well. If you ask me, I'd rather do something else, like singing a Hank Williams, Sr. song on a street corner, because country is my kind of music! :-)


PS. If you by chance are a Hip Hop artist or artist in a similar genre, you can sign up for this competition here, but there is an application fee involved as well.


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