Where Everyone Is Someone

It may sound simple and it may sound general, but everyone is someone in Nashville. What I mean is, that the chance of a VIP person being right next to you wherever you are is extremely big.  There are celebrities living here that have made this city their home because of the small town feel of it and they can walk around pretty much unnoticed if they want to and blend in with the crowd, because the crowd is so used to having someone of high dignity show up every now and then.  There are VIPs that can go unnoticed too, because they work behind the scenes and not in front of a camera or in the spotlight. So, be careful what you say, where you say it and how you say it, because Emmylou Harris' assistant or her road manager can sit right next to you. Not that anyone would have anything else but good things to say about her, but anyway.

"Nashville - the city where everyone is someone, so natural that every somebody is one in the crowd."


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