I Remember Elvis Presley

The first "taste"of Elvis Presley's music was given to me by my dad.  He gave me a Elvis Presley's Golden Records Volume 3 when I was seven. And I remember where I was when mom and dad told me that Elvis Presley had passed away; we were living in Stocka, in an apartment with the address Bergstigen 17C. Picture here below (from Nordanstigs Bostäder's website, thank you):

Our door was the third one. If you want to see the location on Google, here it is 

Some of my absolute favorite Elvis' songs are (these videos are from random youtube users):

Two Elvis songs that I have sung multiple times at performances are "Teddy Bear" and "Love Me".

I remember Elvis Presley

Picture from http://www.angelfire.com/stars3/elvisonmymind/death/death.html


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