A Poem To My Granddaughter

The Poem To My Granddaughter is both a poem and a prayer. I wrote it in Swedish first, to dedicate it to her on her Christianing Ceremony at the church in Jättendal, but here I am posting both the original and the poem translated into English:

Den dagen du föddes var himlen så blå,
Träden så vackra - var gren likaså.
Vart litet korn grus gladdes just för din skull:
Må av all denna kärlek din själ alltid va' full.

On the day you were born the sky was so blue,
The trees, oh, so gorgeous - each limb of them too.
Each grain of the sand felt pure joy over you:
May of all of this love your soul always be true. 

©Kriztina Rogers


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