Members Night at The Country Music Hall Of Fame

From time to time, The Hall arranges something special for the members. This time the museum had their exhibits open for members only for two hours to show the new galleries especially. Did I enjoy it? You bet I did! It was very peaceful to walk around and look at everything I wanted at my own pace. I got lost in the Bakersfield exhibition to the point I lost track of time and almost did not see the new galleries on the second floor, but I did see them! They were amazing and I will surely come back and explore more since they have so much to offer in form of interactivity. If you are a first time visitor and very interested in country music history (like me!), I would recommend you set aside 2-3 hours to be able to enjoy as much as possible of the exhibitions. You could walk through it at a brisk pace in about 15 minutes, but that would definitely defeat the whole purpose of enjoying it ;-)

The new Glen Campbell exhibition on the third floor.

The entrance to the new ACM Gallery and Dinah and Fred Gretsch Gallery. Of course I wouldn't show more, You'll have to see it for yourself :-)
I'll write a post about some things in the Bakersfield exhibition some other time, I promise ...

Btw, the museum has a new design on their website


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