A Valentine's Day

Since our schedule will be quite full tomorrow, we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day today. I had bought a card that expressed gratitude for the love he shows me that I gave to him and he gave me a very sweet card expressing the joy he feels for my love for him.  As if that wasn't enough, he gave me a heart shaped glass bowl with a ring holder. That’s so sweet <3 Now I can place my wedding ring there on the few occasions I don’t wear it. I gave him a tool box (of paper) with a plush little heart pillow in it. He really liked those.

Other things we did for one another today (and every day) : when I made a rice cake and peanut butter  snack, I asked if he also wanted one.  When I cooked, he asked me if he could help me with anything. And we said spontaneous “I love yous”.

My Valentine's Day card from my husband.


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