The Creation Of A Song - Gloryville

Some of you may already have seen and heard the song on youtube or dowloaded it on Amazon or itunes or a similar site or maybe even heard it on the radio. Either way, let me tell you about its creation:

I was on the way home from a gig in Sweden in the village of Holmsveden. Fredrik, my guitarist at that time, was driving and he had some favorite songs of his he wanted to share with me. One of them was a description of a man walking around in his loneliness in a city. There I received the inspiration to the last phrase of the verses "It's just an ordinary day in the life of the people, living by the streets in the town of Gloryville".

The name of the city "Gloryville" is a name that can describe the city of our dreams or the city we live in that is not yet the place in life where we want to be. Simply a state of goal setting. Or the world that we live in. When arranging the music, I had Ravel's "Bolero" in mind with a constant ascension leading up to the finale.

I was attending a course at the Mid Sweden University in Harnosand during this period of the song's creation. My class mates were teachers in the making or teachers wanting to upgrade their education to start teaching higher grades of school. A lady was venting her frustration with communication with parents of children. It was not unusual for her having to set up two different times to speak with the parents of a child whose mom and dad were divorced. Simply because they could not be in the same room at the same time. That's where I got the idea for the first verse.

The second verse is about a friend of mine. He was one of my promoters in Sweden and he had been badly burnt by a relationship with a woman whose only objective was to ask him for money for her mother. She never paid him back, just took the money and left.

Verse three - the spoken part - is the true story about my dad's aunt and her lost love. She never married the love of her life because of her loved one's parents' rejection. He never married either.

But wait, 'nuff of these sad stories now: the last verse is about the glorious place of Utopia we all really desire to live in where "each one's neighbor is each one's friend".

"It's just an ordinary day in the life of the people living by the streets in the town of Gloryville"!

All lyric excerpts and song and video: Copyright Kriz Rogers.

Song available for download here  It is track #9


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